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Did you lose the key to your home? Are you looking for someone to carry out a complete security overhaul? Often, home owners make the mistake of entrusting such jobs to the technician at their hardware store, and in return, receive shoddy overpriced work. What you need us a residential locksmith! From developing keys to installing locks to providing expert insight on security, residential locksmiths don multifarious roles that make them a vital part of the society. In an age, where home invasions and break-ins are on the rise, their expertise can bring in the much-needed professional difference to your home security. So, where can you find competent locksmiths to meet the lock & key needs of your residence? At Bryn Mawr Locksmith Service!

Every since we made our foray into the industry, we’ve always strived to achieve excellence in our work, which is evident from the large number of clients we serve today. Our residential locksmith services, being affordable, reliable and qualitative, have been highly sought-after by the Bryn Mawr, PA community. All our solutions are customized to fit the specific requirements and are designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The 24-hour residential locksmith

Several locksmiths operate strictly under business hours, which make it harder for home owners to schedule services as per convenience. That’s why we’ve stretched our operations throughout the day and night. Being your 24-hour residential locksmith, we’re available on call all the time and respond swiftly. Whether you’re locked out of your home or are in need of spare keys late at night, we cater to all types of requests.

On-the-spot doorstep solutions

Need keys made? Or want to buy new locks? Why go the distance to visit a locksmith workshop, when the workshop can get to you! We own a huge fleet of vehicles that act as our workshop on wheels. Loaded with a host of locksmithing equipment, an assortment of locks, key blanks, special tools and more, these mobile vans allow our technicians to work from anywhere. Whether you need a new key or a rekeying service, trust our experts to deliver solutions at your doorstep.

Full home security audit

Are you worried that your home security might not be up to the mark? Consult our experts to get an accurate analysis on your home locks, entry points, doors and security systems. After a thorough assessment, any potential loopholes are identified, and measures are suggested to bridge the security gaps. This might include recommendations on new locks, rekeying, repair/replacement of door hardware, among others. Once we’re given the go-ahead, our experts will complete the upgrade in minimal time, thus ensuring foolproof security.

We provide:

Bryn Mawr Locksmith Service Bryn Mawr, PA 610-973-5278

  • Key cutting services
  • Home lockout assistance
  • Lock repair/maintenance
  • New lock recommendations/installation
  • Master key system installation
  • Security advice and upgrades
  • Garage door lock installation
  • Mailbox locks
  • Door repair/installation
  • Tenant eviction service
  • Emergency door unlock
  • Deadbolts
  • Smart locks
  • Lock rekeying services
  • Broken key extraction
  • Peephole installation
  • Chain locks

And more

Hire our expert residential locksmiths for quality services delivered at reasonable prices. To know more, dial 610-973-5278 !

Mail box locks

Important information such as your bank statements, utility bills, checks etc, find its way to you the old fashioned way i.e. through mailboxes. If your mailbox security is compromised, your personal information could be used by identity thieves to open fraudulent accounts, incoming checks can be chemically washed and rewritten, cards or cash you receive could be stolen. Security begins with locks; hence, the only way to prevent all this from happening to you is to ensure that you’ve got the best mail box locks installed. If your current locks need an overhaul, require repairs or an upgrade, you can always reach out to Bryn Mawr Locksmith Service for assistance. click here to read more 

Mobile locksmith

Do you need a spare key made? Don’t make that mile long journey to the nearest locksmith store! Instead, all you need to do is make a phone call and have the services delivered right to your doorstep. In an age where most consumers seek instant gratification, expecting them to travel distances to get their lock & key issues fixed is quite irrational. We sensed the Bryn Mawr, PA community’s need early on and conceived a mobile locksmith division that’s dedicated to serving people as and when they need it – and most importantly - where they need it.

Residential locksmith 24 Hr

Did you lose the keys to your home? If this happens during the day, finding assistance shouldn’t be that hard. You can drop by a local hardware store or call a locksmith over to your place. It’s when the same happens at an unconventional hour that you’re likely to be caught in a tough spot. Everyone you generally ask help from would have shut shop for the day and it might seem like there’s no hope of acquiring new keys until morning. Or is there? Before you decide to spend the night out on the porch or smash a window to gain entry, know this; you can always seek help from a 24 hr residential locksmithclick here to read more 

Home security locksmith

The ultimate nightmare of every resident - a break-in! The Bryn Mawr, PA community is, in fact, no stranger to cases of burglary, vandalism and assault. Why give criminals a chance to intrude upon your private space, when you can take proactive measures to thwart their attempts today! How, you ask? By seeking expert insight from a home security locksmithclick here to read more  

Keyless entry locks residential

A key, when it’s a single entity, may not seem like much of a burden to carry. However, what if you had countless keys, one to access your property, another for your car, one for the cabinet, one for your cabin at work etc., The key ring only seems to get heavier with time, and it’s quite easy to misplace one or two, inadvertently. What if you end up losing a crucial key, for instance, the key to your home? For this reason, property owners are seeking out alternates that would minimize the hassle of carrying multiple keys. If you too are looking for a solution to your key problem, then you should perhaps consider installing keyless entry locks, residential type in your property. click here to read more